Your WordPress Site Hacked?


Very often the first you’ll know about problems on your WordPress site is when you get a notification from a potential customer or maybe even from your Google webmaster account.

Problem then, is what to do now and how bad it is. Have  they just dropped a load of spam links in or is it more malicious with viruses or even ransomware embedded in the site.

Of course, prevention is better than a cure and with that in mind if you don’t know what you are preventing it’s difficult to try and prevent it.

Importantly there are few web designers that actually understand how WordPress is organised and therefore find it difficult to lock down. The big issue for you as a business owner, it’s just what to do next and how to get your WordPress site back up and running if it has been interfered with.

Securing WordPress is not that difficult, and giving its ease of use it makes a great platform for small and medium sized businesses to use, problem being is the security issues. Any software that is popular will of course be targeted by the bad guys.

If your WordPress site has been hacked or even targeted with malware I can help you, over the last couple of years I’ve built a resource with a team of coders and freelancers that are able to get your WordPress site up and running again in a few hours but also to make sure that you have sufficient backups of your data and any client information you may have.

I can also help you secure the site so you’ll be safe in the future.

It’s a fixed price service. I will let you know exactly what the cost will be so there are no surprises recover, repair, and secure for the future.

I’ll even do an initial check on your site free of charge.

Get in touch today and work will start within a few hours.

You can contact me here, even if it’s just for a heads up chat.

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