You Can Laugh At Business Worries If You Follow Some Of These Simple Steps

As a business owner you have loads of problems. Sales and marketing  are becoming more and more confusing, pension schemes that are just not performing, personal guarantees for borrowing and a gazillion other things to keep you up at night. But, you know what? All of these  are all solvable.

Two important steps; increase sales and at better prices, and  thirdly  reduce your costs. These will do for a start. Nothing else should matter in your business until you have solved these three, or at least started to solve them.

Problem for most business owners, it’s not that simple. There are just so many things to manage. Usually, you’d end up with a specialist web designer, a brand marketing adviser, seo people and a handful of other specialists advising you. Everything from print requirements to creative copywriting, and that’s just the start. Then there is the bank, the accountant, the bookkeeper, managers. At some point you have to decide the next move; none of these people fully understand the whole picture. It’s up to you, the final piece in the puzzle, you have to make the whole thing fit.

     Increasing sales is pretty straightforward. It follows a clear process and all you need do  is to follow that process. I can show what these are in a thirty minute phone call.  The other things need a little more time and study but if you can get one powerful tool working for you… The  compounding effect,  your personal and business fortunes will be transformed.

Compounding = the increased effect that many small changes give.

  • Changes to your sales process that are proven to increase orders by at least 10%.

  • Web design tweaks that could convert a further 20% of your visitors into customers.

  • Reducing your pension charges could save £7,000 over the life of your plan.

  • One handy way of buying stock  at 7% less


Imagine for a few minutes having three or four of these small things working for you. Do you think some of these could help?

Imagine for another few minutes having a trusted member of staff that can help you with all of the above and more, but not have them on the payroll.  Wouldn’t that add some value?

I can help you with all of these things – and wrap it all up in a neat package that you can turn it on and off whenever you want  – you can call or text today to arrange an initial conversation. My contact details are below

£5,000 Challenge – Increase Sales And  Reduced Costs In 30 Days Or Less

Let me work with you for the next thirty days and I guarantee you an extra £5,000 in either increased profits or in reduced costs or I’ll with work with you for free until you achieve it.



Perhaps you are a bit unsure. This letter has arrived and you  know nothing about me; and that’s why I enclosed my CV and offer a guarantee on all of my consulting and work.  You and I can also meet free of charge for a one hour initial meeting – this will either make you or save you at least £500. A gift of at least £500 in value just for meeting.

Even if you decide not to work with me you still get to keep the help I provide during our initial meeting or during our conversation.  So why not  let me solve one business problem for you, no charge no commitment?

           My most  recent  clients have seen an increase in sales of over twenty percent and one has replaced their sales manager with lower cost staff, shaving £30k pa off the wages bill.  I have no idea if I can do the same for you, but I am willing to at least discuss it with you                           

It starts with you and I talking and then me working out a plan for you.  I really get that fact that  your time is precious, so is mine. I also understand that you will want to try before you buy, after all you wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive would you? Provided you contact me in the next few days I’ll upgrade the initial  call to a meeting.

Get in touch today via email ( or sms me a good time to call on 0774 007 6226 and I’ll get back to you when I am free – either way within 24 hours.


Richard Smith

Financial and Business Development Consultant

PS The £5k promise is real. If I can’t do that for you. I’ll tell you and quickly.

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