Why Me?

There is science at work when developing sales and marketing for any business and the problem is that most small firms can’t afford scientists which is why we offer a unique pay as you go service, with no surprises.

I have been a partner at The Richard Smith for 12 years, during that time we have helped many small and medium sized business grow, grow turnover and profits along with creating systems that deliver the promises.

Richard Smith | Small Business Marketing Help




Some consultants in our competitive world  have called me  cocky and arrogant simply because I provide a range of help to small firms that come with a whole load of other benefits and of course our guarantees which are offered by no others :-

1. A complete money back guarantee. If we don’t get you an increase in business we give you all of your money back. No questions asked, no delivery then no charge.

2. We do it all with you, there is no need to have a specialist Web Designer, PR guru, Programmer, Social Media expert, Telemarketer, Copywriter, Database geek. We have all of that in our business ready to work with you.

They could offer the same but they chose not too.

Why Use Me To Help Get Your Business Moving?

Here’s why our clients use my to triple their profits:

  • I get brilliant results for you. Other firms show flashy design portfolios, whereas we provide results, guaranteed results or no charge.
  • I guarantee my work.  No questions asked or work for FREE until I get you the results you want.
  • We only work with clients in the UK. No matter what you’re told at Uni/Business School/Local networking meetings people are different and the reasons a Spaniard or Italian buy stuff are different to the reasons us Brits buy, so we’ve chosen to focus and specialise at converting UK people into customers for your business, that focus has meant we’ve become very good at it.
  • I work with every type of business    I  have worked in the Motor Trade, Medical Supplies and the Drinks industry. No matter what your business, whatever you sell, chances are I already have experience with something very similar. If not I’ll  tell you and walk away (I save you time  by not working with firms we can’t help).
  • We’re not tied to any particular technology or supplier brand. I don’t  profit from selling or recommending software, and I’m  100% vendor neutral and use the tools that are best for your business. I  hate product recommendations just to get a commission as much as you do.
  • I’m an entrepreneur too, not a load of consultants and advisers who’ve never risked a penny of their own money but are happy to tell you how to risk yours, just so you know  everything we’ll do to your business I‘ve already tested in one of mine

If you are thinking that you might want to increase the efficiency and profitability of your your business we might be able to help.

To say I can help you would have been cocky and that upsets our competition and we would not want that would we!

Call me today, or email or  sms – Richard 0774 004 6226, 01323 660058 or email richard@therichardsmith.com You will get an automatic 15 minute review to see where we can help without any obligation or downside cost. Be silly not to eh.



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