Why Do You Run A Business?


Over the last few years I have worked with over forty businesses. Ranging from start-ups I am mentoring through to those doing several million pounds of turnover.



Many of them suffer with a number of critical errors, which on the face of it are small. But, they have a big impact on the bottom line.  So excuse me as  I flit back and forth across a range of topics, I make no apolgies for this – as they are all equally important for your future.

These individual items are pointed at you, if you are running a local business or a regional one. A one man band through to a larger business of upto ten staff –  the kind of business where the owner still works in the business every day.

  1. Make sure you get your website designed as a lead generation tool and not an online business card. Your website should work for you and pay it’s own way. If it’s not you are missing a trick.
  2. Blog/Video and share your business content, stories, events and the stuff you do. Be creative and stand out. Tell the world.
  3. Make sure your sales processes are automed, using card payments and direct debits – far better for you to owe your clients money than the other way around.
  4. Create a budget payment scheme, where customers can pay monthly for higher priced purchases some of these I’ve set up recently include a builder (stage payments) local furniture retailer (spread the cost – interest free). Plumber charging up fron for annual Gas Inspections.
  5. Check out the charges on your pension by borrowing my brain, the interest rate on your mortgage and deal with any debt you may have. These are a cash soak.
  6. Work out who your customers really are and then work out where to find more of them.
  7. Automate your communication, look you can’t pay a gas bill without an email address now. Don’t tell me your customers don’t use email! Send more emails than you ever have.
  8. Come up with a charity to support, make a plan for an event and then publicise the hell out of out if (could be a simple as Red Nose Day or McMillan Coffee Morning)

That’s  it for the time being but please do something, you’re a long time dead, and your business will thank you for it.


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