When You Need Medical Advice You Go To A GP! | Small Business Advice

Most of the time that GP solves your problem, it's only when you need specialist advice do you get referred, and usually to someone in your GP's network of specialists, I work with you and your business in the same way.

If you are wondering how I help small firms generate new business you can get an idea of the areas where I work with you by reading the document here Small_Busines_Development-facts.  

Whether you have an immediate problem or are just wanting to get things  checked over you are in the right place.

You have probably arrived here looking for some help with your business, some kind of advice or guidance in order to move forward in some way. Sometimes we all get into a little difficulty running businesses in these modern and fast moving times, if the recession didn't get you, then a lack of modern marketing methods may well be holding you back.

The problem is getting good at some of the modern things take time and resources and very often detract from you being able to run your business. Some good news you are in the right place. Once I have put systems in place for you any one of your team can then take control, with my support you end up controlling important business functions, not an agency or a third party, most of the things I do are really too important to be outsourced.

My work with small and medium sized firms spans some twenty three years, first helping with finances and then with development and lately with online stuff. But what does this mean to you?

Simply this I help firms get unstuck, get unstuck with their marketing, sales processes and development and at the same time providing specialist help on the finance side of things for those that need it. One skill I bring is being able to solve cash flow problems very quickly.

You know that everywhere you look you are being pitched with everything from SEO service to Adwords, from Social to Coupons. Each one of these comes with the promise of success and riches to solve all of your problems. Yet so far none of them have worked. You and I manage business in world where everything seems difficult, but the principles always remain the same  – make a plan, market products and services and make sure you build in enough profit.

Working with me brings some clarity along with all of the skills you need. Combined with a proven ability to get websites ranked, products and services cross sold and client engagement based on what you have and not a new shiny thing that forces you to compete.

It starts with a short consult – most GP's only give you five minutes and I usually give you a little more. I bring a great big torch to our first meeting and shine it on the issues and only when we both can see the problems do we start getting some focus on the solutions. Moving you forward with technology and processes that work for you, in your business and quickly.

Get in touch today and let me talk you through some of ways I can help you. I only get paid for results, no result then no charge. That might feel incredibly simple, and it is.

Richard Smith – General Practice for your business.

Richard Smith Small Business Sales Development

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