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Small Business Owners have a million and one things to worry about it seems so why do I want to add to the burden?

Because this particular aspect is important. 

Everyone of us owning and managing a business needs to have an internet or web presence – it’s been like that for a while and our customers expect it.

Some local firms spend a considerable sum of cash others manage it on a budget, the key is you have an internet presence and you need to maintain  it in good working order and updated.

The big issue arises when little focus is given to seemingly minor things like Password Security and Backups until your website crashes or is hacked or just corrupted in some way. Perhaps then you will start to take the matter of security seriously. For us all of our sites run on a platform called WordPress which works very well for us and our clients and this approach is not without it’s problems – as the bad guys all want to keep trying to crack the security and do what ever with it. This is a potential problem if you are running the same software as you can kind of reckon that at some point your site is going to come under some kind of sustained attack.

If these mystery attackers decided to deface your website by placing links to other websites on them or install malicious software on your site there is a good chance you not know anything about the issue until you have a call from one of your clients or your site is de-indexed by one of the search engines or worse still have your site blocked because of malicious software being installed on it.

The next problem is then getting your site back up and running without the bad news, often you will be able to recover from a backup copy ~ you do have one don’t you.

Or you can recover the site from it’s original setup ~ of course you still have the disk or files for that.

These threats are very real and affect you if you have a website running on any of the modern software packages, most are not secure ‘out of the box’ and need some alterations before they can be regarded as secure.


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