What the shit are you waiting for?

You and I are quite happy with our lives,  bobbing along quite nicely, looking forward to growing old, then retirement and shortly after death  – waiting for that one point when you’ll finally be happy.

When you are there.

Being content in your own skin,  you arriving there.

Wherever  – “there” is.

Good luck to you, I hope there is what you always hoped it’d be.

Arriving there, being happy, being content is a feeling, an emotion.

And, nothing from the outside or anything that happens to you can bring on the happiness and joy you crave. Being happy is a choice, something you decide.

You can do that now, no need to wait ’til you are there.

You’ll be dead or half dead before you get there.

Go do, change the way you feel, be the change you want to see – change your head-game, deal with some of the head-trash – stop waiting, expecting. Choose now to be on top, to be smiling and creative – shit’s gonna happen anyway – you might as well be pleased to see it.

Until next time.

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