Unemployment Rates Up For Young Adults.


Unemployment Rates on the rise for young adults

Yesterday (17 Nov 2011) the British Government announced that the young unemployed figure has increased to over 1 million, how demoralising is that for those students who have left school or gone on to further education and are now faced with the challenge of finding rewarding work in a down turn economy?

This is the reality for our youth:-

  • This recession will go on for longer than forecast, Europe is only just started to deal with it’s defecit and the USA has not even started yet.
  • Moves to introduce apprenticeships and other youth training never deliver on time and the numbers promised.
  • Subsidy for training and education are likely to be reduced even more.
  • Longer term local and national taxation is not going to be reduced by any meaningful amount.

Is this all G L O O M Y – absolutely not there is opportunity everywhere.

This lead me to the one question that seems not be asked With the number of unemployed increasing why is entrepreneurship not being taught?

It amazes me that becoming an entrepreneur is not taught in school with any gusto, and neither is internet marketing, in fact there is nothing in the GCSE business studies syllabus that covers how to get started online or how to create an online business which is a little damning.

There is a new way to create a business without requiring capital investment, stock or premises. The internet opens up such wide opportunities, even if it is used for as a short term measure, whilst searching for a regular job or learning some new skills most of which employers are screaming out to understand.

What can I do to help the unemployment rates?

Look, we need to inspire these young adults so that they can take advantage of the opportunities to create their own companies, without having to rely on finding a job in this tough economic climate.

So what do I propose?

I have a commitment over the first 6 months of 2012 to present to groups of young adults at least once per week, assuming I can get 30 in a room in this means that at least 1200 of those who are thinking about starting work will be given the opportunity to hear about the alternatives, and even if only 1% of them take on board what I have say then that’s at least 12 that could face another option.

Now for me being able to change 12 lives in a 6 month period is massively exciting, I bet I can change more but for the time being 12 will do.
But if I can inspire just one person to consider setting up their own business, and not being one of the unemployment  statistics, then it’s a success.Even if  I can manage to sow a seed, provide some hope this will do for me.

If you are not convinced about the changed world we are really in watch the video below.


Here is my mission for 2012.
To speak to range of  Sussex Schools with a view to making a series of 45 minute presentations and 30 minutes of questions about online businesses and the options.

Covering –

  • Internet Marketing for dummies – Why the internet is important.
  • Entrepreneurship v Employment- Getting a job means yuou end up the same as…
  • Why the future for today’s young adults is vastly different from 10 years ago and what are the options.
  • Why having a degree in life might be more important than anything and is cheaper than a conventional degree.

I am also offering Free Web Space and Technical Support (until the business is profitable) for those that have a genuine business idea.

So this is my mission for the start of play in 2012 what about you? Coming to help me?


Richard Smith  You can contact me here (Richard Smith – Contact) or call on 0774 007 6226



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