Ultimate Sales and Automation for your Business.

In the next 2 -3 minutes you’re going to discover some closely guarded secrets that virtually no Business Owner in the UK currently knows and if they do very few are taking action. Amazingly  those firms that start to  follow the systems that I put in place, and take the action that I  recommend very quickly start to increase sales and make money, often more money than they dreamed imaginable. Certainly if you only take on board some of what I suggest and  take some action you will make more money and easier than you have done before. I wonder how long it will take you to consider where your business currently is and to take the action required? Read Enough? Want to Buy Now Even if  you  do have the knowledge? Most Business Owners never use it, which is why the systems I provide are so powerful.  It is often said there is nothing NEW under the Sun! Except perhaps a  New Approach, New Tools, New Ideas, New Applications and of course these are available today from this page. With me I provide the skills, tools and the personal coaching for you move it forward. This is how I know what really works!

A New Way Of Working, A New Way Of Dealing With Old Problems.

I am so sure of what I am providing you with that I am prepared to offer this guarantee. (Note : We have been doing this since 2001)
OUR 100% CAST IRON GUARANTEE You are invited to try this service for yourself at NO RISK. If at ANY time during your 365 day ‘NO obligation’ trial you don’t feel that you make money/increase business to the tune of at least £10x the cost of this service, just drop me a line and I will refund your Money in FULL. with NO questions asked.

I would ask this one question. If I was not sure that these systems work would I offer you a guarantee like this?

  • I also urge you to pay by Credit Card. Why because this offers you another layer of protection. Just in case there is any doubt over the power of these systems and our reputation. If you make payment via Credit Card  you will benefit from 100% protection. If we do not make the refund as promised you just need to show this web page to your Credit Card provider and they LEGALLY have to provide the refund.

After years of running businesses and websites and earning a full-time online income, along with a full time income from a conventional business I am constantly reminded that it is simple once you know some of the basic rules. Actually, it all comes down to these very basic rules and now we have automated them for you.

In the past I have owned/worked in businesses that sold/manufactured these things.

Wigs |Tyres | Exhausts |Car Body Repairs | Screws and Fixings | Hand Tools | Hairdressing Services | Building Services | Financial Services | Loan Brokerages | Credit Facilities |Estate Agency | Banking  and guess what? The services and products I am offering you today worked in all of these, the systems and processes that are available here today worked as well then as they will do now for you.

In fact they work in all businesses, all of the time, they always have, only now we can AUTOMATE them  thanks to the Power of the Internet.

This is the Performance Enhancing Drug For Your Business that isn’t banned.

Business has not changed that much since the dawn of time. It’s about taking a core product, adding some value to it, and selling it at more than it cost you.  Simplistic I know.What  I am doing with this range of products is taking simple rules and putting them into a modern perspective.

During the last year of recession I  attended some Networking Meetings across the South East of the UK and chatted to a few local firms providing a range of products and services. Many of the things that have been worrying them, and are burning issues for you can be solved by this offer from me. I am so sure of what  I can do for you, when you decide to buy you get a full 12 months to make up your mind, and a guarantee of profit or your Money Back. It is that simple. A Risk Free Trial when you purchase this service.
  • 12 Months of On-Line Seminars (normally one per month)
  • Hands On Help with integrating your processes.
  • Guaranteed Software and Online Platforms to Automate Your Marketing/Sales Follow Up/Prospecting.
  • A Guaranteed Position in the Internet Search Engines (it might take some weeks to get on the front page).

Unless you have tons of money to buy your way into the Best Advertising spots (now very expensive) or spend a fortune on so called Marketing Specialists to get your business known, you are not going to do it unless you take on what this system has to offer. “Better, Smarter and Faster.” Is what one of our customers said.

  • Let me ask you this, if Marketing Experts are that good would you expect to have had some involvement with one or more in the past? Can you name one now?
  • Another question, if Web Designers are so excellent at sending leads to your business why is that not happening in your business ? Can you name one?
  • Last question, can you name your GP or at least the Surgery?

Of course you can because that is where you go if your Body is not working as expected, and now you have The Richard Smith for when your Marketing, Business Development, Sales, or Website are not working. We are your Business GP and this range of products and services  is the Prescription for Business Problems.

If you want to get your hands on this Service and Products now – click here to be taken to the order page. Not convinced then read on. It’s a changing world. Information is now demanded more quickly and on more subjects.

  • Email,Websites,Facebook, Bebo, MSN Messenger and  Twitter  amongst just a few areas that most business people need to be proficient.
  • Regulation in all it’s guises, not only the likes of Health and Safety and Employment Law, it has an effect on all firms irrespective of the type of trade or profession carried out.
  • Cost Implications – traditional advertising is now very expensive and revenues are falling, this is not only due to the effect of the internet  but the world overall has changed.
  • Information on Demand is the expectatation, and your business needs to deliver it, the big question is how.
Most of the firms we speak to, tell us that their Websites do not deliver for them, they do not bring in income or drives sales towards them, and they are also expensive. They also tell us that conventional marketing is not having the desired results, and I agree. They also tell us that just doing business is more difficult than before, with the combined effects of regulation, legislation, indemnity insurances, etc etc etc. Clients also want it cheaper and done more quickly sometimes it seems that this ‘business lark’ is probably not worth the effort! Is there a solution? We have one for you and it’s on this page. For you reading this there are several problems that can be solved overnight, the solution will solve the problems for a long time to come. The Richard Smith 12 month Money Back Guarantee Business Saver Service. Without wishing  to come across as argumentative nearly all Business Owners in the UK are getting it wrong. There is much to much focus on the problem, and not enough on the solution. Remember there is no Local Official, Government Minister, Wife, Girlfriend, Brother, Sister, Mother or Father is coming to save you. Taking Action – with the correct knowledge and using the right technology will, and it will save you for a long time to come. Perhaps  I can summarise where your business currently is based on conversations  I have had with existing business owners. Debt Levels of the Business are starting to be of a concern and the Banks are being unresponsive and you have personal guarantees in place which could affect your future long term security if the business goes wrong. Affecting 75% of firms today. Result  = Misery                                Solved. Levels of Sales are not enough to support the business in the short term and your customers seem unable or unwilling to pay more this is causing turnover to fall and profitability to be affected. Affecting 50% of firms today. Result = Misery                                Solved. Existing marketing activities you are carrying out are just not working and you are worried about the short and long term effect on the business. Affecting 40% of firms today. Result = Misery                                Solved You have spent several thousand pounds having a Website built and it does not work, it has not increased sales for you, has not increased profitability for you  and seems to be a bit of a ‘lame duck’. Affecting 90% of firms today (this I found unbelievable). Result = Misery                               Solved
YOUR 100% CAST IRON GUARANTEE You are invited to try this service for yourself at NO RISK. If at ANY time during your 365 day ‘NO obligation’ trial you don’t feel that you make money/increase business to the tune of at least £10x the cost of this service, just drop me a line and I will refund your Money in FULL. with NO questions asked.

You can have this system working for you Today, if you would prefer to discuss it in more detail you can call on 01323 660058 for an immediate response. Do it  now! Before you competitors do.

Obviously if you do not want to have the following working on your business:

  • Automated Marketing Solutions.
  • A Website that delivers leads for you.
  • Information that your Customers are desperate to know and you can provide.
  • 24/7 On Line Access to Information about your products and services.
  • Automated Sales Funnel – to secure future sales.
  • Repeat Product Sales  – Automatically.
  • 100’s of Cross Selling Opportunities.
  • Building a community from your customer list.
  • A very cost effective method of maintaining contact with your clients.
  • A range of guides and How To information to help your business  develop
These are just few of the benefits, and of course you do not have to take advantage of any of them. You can of course do nothing. Before you do ask yourself, how would you spend the extra £1000 or £2000 or £10,000  of extra profits? (Remember increased profits keeps the Wives and Girlfriends V.Happy). And also these profits are potentially available to you at no risk, remember the guarantee? 100% money back if you not gain at least 10x the cost of my services in the next 12 months. You can order now by using this link. >

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