As someone who is self employed and managing to run your own business despite the lack of support from the politicians, tight fisted banks and those that change the rules of the game every five minutes –  the Forty Days of My Very Best Advice will come as a ray of sunshine in an ocean of crap.

Let me show how to get the most out of Google, how to increase your prices and how to win at this game of business,  and make the most of your personal finances send me your details below, I’ll rush the whole thing to you.


Nikki said… “We invited Richard to help us with our marketing when we were in a very difficult situation. New business had dried up and we were getting very little from our existing customers.  Richard immediately brought some focus to what we should be doing, steering us away from some costly ideas which would have wasted our time.”

Box is below. Looking forward to having you with me.

[su_service title=”Forty Days of My Very Best Advice” icon=”icon: wrench” size=”50″]40 Days of my very best advice. At no charge and no obligation. You get the very best of what I know, wrapped up in an irreverent but none the less truthful (and sweary) series of emails. Get in, they are on me. And will add many thousands to your bottom line.


Just to be clear. I don’t share your personal details with anyone (not even the wife) no lending, no cross selling, just honest to goodness stuff you can work with, yeah really.

I’m on a mission to change things for you, the self employed, freeranging business owner who’s getting beaten from all sides – together the pair of us any my Ninjas we will make the difference for you.




































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