Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-04

  • Horsham Rugby Club – was not a good look this morning. Good job it's only training. Need coffee and a bacon roll methinks. #
  • "@PaulGormanCFP: – Teachers Pensions let them strike and then sack them. #thatsolvesit #
  • Looks like there are going to be a load more IFA's in trouble #massowstrikesagain #
  • Give STRONG (YubiKey) AUTHENTICATION for Christmas: Yubico offers nice holiday discount while they last! #
  • If I get another 'social media survey' I will scream.. Fact is Social Media is just another way of not engaging with many, sold by a few. #
  • Will someone please tell me the best way of contacting my customers that are not on twitter, facebook or plus – thats most of them #oldskool #
  • Anyone at kasabian in brighton tonight? #
  • Welcome to London, networking skills for the locals. What a complete idiot this women is. #
  • Youth Unemployment – Let me tell you what I am doing about it. Wanna join in? #
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