Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-13

  • "@IFABlogger: RT @MichaelKitces: Sunday Weekend Reading for Financial Planners: just a shame we are not in the U S A . #
  • O M G I love mondays. Another week of quality business lined up and of course the re launch of my first book. Just love it. #ifamarketing #
  • RT @_SamFlynn: "the best thing about Twitter is…." being able to wind up all of the idiot self named Social Media Gurus #
  • The view from the office and apologies for those wanting to speak yesterday, I was making cake. #freerangehuman #
  • a no brainer this one, just pay BT up front for line rental and save a small fortune. #recessionbusters #
  • Looks like another great day ahead just need a coffee now. Can then start. #
  • Who needs a consultant to advise on strategy?#Gettingworsenotbetter #
  • RT @IFABlogger: Do you want to know the REAL reason your IFA web site is not ranking well in Google? #BrightTalk #IFABlogger #DoYou #
  • Not sure what to do this afternoon, bake a cake for the School Christmas bash or get some files of my desk? Any suggestions #notsure #
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