Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-04

  • Can all of the business networks stop bloody whining about the lack of funding from banks. Shut up and start finding solutions they exist. #
  • Want to know why many small firms can't borrow. Because they are not very good that's the only reason they can't borrow. #
  • Under 30's are facing a number of challenges, key is how to react. Some comment here. #change #education #
  • Small Business Finance #
  • RT @IFABlogger: @wishartwealth I hate New Model Advisor. Forgot more than they know about SEO. = Nil Sum Game always has always will be #nil #
  • RT @Robert_Craven: MANCHESTER: 2 Sept: What Sm Bus Can Do To Help Selves. Book free seats Anywhere near Manchester go #
  • The Banks Are Not Lending To Small Firms – and for good reason. #
  • #fsb #small business #banks What business really wants really #
  • RT @IFABlogger: RT @jaimesteele: A brilliant article. for all business to read and listen up. #FSB #Business #
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