Richard Smith – Time Management | Focus on what works | The Budget Statement

I must admit that I have been playing catch up with the news from the Budget Statement however in all fairness not much really changes from year to year, certainly not enough to get excited about. From my point of view, I think I probably save about 2 whole days per year by not thinking about it/reading about it, and of course discussing it.

So on to what the FSB Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has  to say about it. Of course it has welcomed some aspects of Wednesday’s budget but claims that planned new employment laws could hinder job creation…………….

Anyway the comments went on and on and on. Not really saying a lot, and of course as the FSB does from time to time. Probably not where you should be, reading stuff that adds no value.


And, me well I just want to remind you that time is short, you need to be focused on your business by spending the 2 days per year you will eventually end up speaking on the budget, around the budget, about the budget. Get used to the fact that not much will change, the impact on you will be very little.

However spending that 2 days working on your business, calling some clients, meeting with us to discuss your marketing or fishing, or playing golf will actually do more for  you.

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