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As a business owner you have probably noticed that things have been changing of late.

Customers are no longer reacting to your sales and marketing messages like they did.

  • Sales Are Down.
  • Conventional Marketing is expensive and not working.
  • Your Website is getting visitors yet no one is converting.

From here you have a couple of choices, read on, join my small but interesting group of ’email list members’ below – guaranteed to get you loads of business/business startup ideas or read on.

Short audio below. If you are a start up it’s important.

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Perhaps the much hyped social media presence is becoming less and less reliable for lead generation and the cost of getting a better online presence advertising continues to increase.


The double blow for all business owners is what to do next. A new website or another campaign is probably not going to solve the problem because the problem is not solvable by conventional means – your business needs to rethink what it does to attract sales and then consider how best to make the most of what you have.


A recent white paper on this issue with up to date research and facts concerning business marketing is below, the issues are all fully solvable but you will need to think your approach, how you do things.


I am the only cost you can incur in your business that is guaranteed to provide a positive return which is what my Thirty Day Business Restart is all about.


Advice is hard to find and the methods you have used in the past are just not working.

Logo’s, Branding, Video, Direct mail, PR, Adwords, Search Engine Optimisation, Email marketing with all of these options and the specialist knowledge needed most businesses have no idea which way to go. Far too many business owners they end up buying a fix that will not deliver because there is no true analysis…

  • What is actually going  on with sales?
  • What is happening with your customers?
  • What is going on with your staff and processes?
  • What is going on with your competitors?

What about marketing automation? Are all of your systems on autopilot or are they soaking up time and energy?


The Thirty Day Business Restart provides you with the independent evidence of what is actually happening, how things are working, what is actually going on. It’s  always interesting, I  look at your numbers, your sales processes, you website interactions, where you are currently spending money and then provide solutions.


During this process there is  a lot of deep digging, uncovering what is really going on. What your clients are really saying about your products and services, reasons customers did not buy, what your sales team and telesales people are saying and how do they follow up.

By making a few tweaks to some of these areas your sales can start to really fly – but more importantly you will know what is happening, when and how.  


My report outlining the current state of business marketing is below, it’s a great read and will help you move forward.



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