They laughed when I first posted this – they won’t be laughing now.

Today David Attenborough has again reiterated the problem with Climate Change as he sees it. More on that here

His actual words “it could lead to the collapse of civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world”. I think he is probably right, but it’s not the whole story – Climate Change is just a symptom of a human species that is not only out of control – but a system of economics and politics that is so far out of sync with nature – there is only going to be one ending, one final solution – and we ain’t gonna win – by we I mean the humans.

There is overwhelming evidence, facts supporting the damage we are causing, have caused and will continue to cause.

Surely you must have noted the lack of insects this year, surely you’ve watched Attenborough’s latest on the BBC – every episode has covered this issue in depth. This is real.

Here is my concern. It’s not that we are losing animals ‘hand over fist’ as the saying goes, it’s not that we are not aware of the problems, it’s not even the fact that successive Governments have not taken any notice or introduced proper legislation (if Government wanted to ban single use plastics – it could do so overnight – it manages to do iit with many other items of legislation). The fact is, you are the problem, you are the one that is creating the mess, you are the one that is not taking the action required in order to solve the problem.

Yeah, you  – human person. If you took responsibility for your actions, altered your working life, your social life and interactions, made some simple changes this planet wouldn’t have the problems it currently has. Sure, some things can’t be changed. But, walking past that rubbish in the park – instead of picking it up. Eating beef instead of a plate of veggies, taking the car instead of walking – each little action causes a tiny amount of damage to the only place we have to live.

Let me ask. Would you leave crisp packets on your lounge floor for someone else to pick up. Would you leave plastic bottles on your lawn after having a few friends over on a Friday night in the middle of summer? The answer is no, you wouldn’t, you’d take responsibility and you’d pick the rubbish up.

If your kids couldn’t breathe on the way to school because of the poor air quality – think London or Leeds – would you drive the car less?

It’s called taking responsibility, it’s called taking some action to improve our lot. Sure a few of you reading this won’t admit it’s your fault, some of you won’t want to admit you can make the changes. And that is exactly the reason we have the problems.

Step up, take ownership. Few others are, but that does not mean you shouldn’t.

Meanwhile – my Moneytrainers – Enviro Money Managers – training is available now. Pop over to put your name in the box and confirm your email, I’ll get some information out to you. I’ll show you how to work less and make your money work for you. This means you’ll have time to take others to task on these environmental matters and teach others – making it a better place for all of us.

Here are some more evidential links – come on guys let’s get this sorted.

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