The Old Stuff Still Works – How Can You Sell More in 2021 ?


In 2014 I wrote series of articles, based on the work I was doing with  one particular client. I knew the work would be useful, so  I wrote it up to help any other Small Business that wanted to increase sales, raise a profile, earn more money – use automation.  It’s work sharing again, so I have.


Her business has since taken off, we worked together again recently during Covid and did the same again.

I wrote down what I told her in 2014, small business sales and marketing     Note that the 0845 number on here is now dead, but the mobile is the same.

To see her results based on the work we did together  Small Business Sales Increases

If your small business want to do the same, then the old stuff still works.

Get in touch when want the same  Online | Offline | With Automation 

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