The Richard Smith Guide to Making Your Website Work.


2011 is now well with us and for most business owners their websites are not delivering what was promised, or expected. All of those promises made by your Web Designer really have not come true have they.

But you have been  told that having a website is a certain way to riches, the best way to generate leads and enquiries. There is a problem though, your website does not do this for you, does not deliver. Is more like a White Elephant than ever before.

What’s wrong.
As may have noticed when the Web first popped up as marketing tool, Web Designers arrived from nowhere, all of a sudden there were hundreds of them in your area, everyone was an expert.

Business owners spent a fortune on having sites built, and for what? The short video below outlines some of the issues.

You would have been better of putting a sign in the Garden, even Estate Agents know that having a “board up’ is nothing to do with potential viewers seeing it, it’s there to advertise to the neighbours. Fact.

Having a board up, having a Website is nothing without enquiries. You would be better of without, well at least you would not have put your faith in something that will never ever deliver for you.

Look we tell it straight, mind you we also offer a money back guarantee on all of our work; another story indeed.

So now in 2011 we have Social Media Managers/Social Media Experts all around. These are the same experts that used  to be called Web Designers, and guess what – Social Media is going to do the same for you that your Website has done for you, nothing, a big fat zilch.

If you are confused, don’t be. You like 98% of other small business owners (source the Federation of Small Business) have a Website that does not work, and if you are really unlucky you will end up with a Social Media campaign that will do no more for you sold to you by your Web Designer that has moved on.

How do we know all of this, the  fact is our expertise is inspiring, we are not Web Designers or Social Media Managers, but our team do all of these things.

We write for some of the highest profile magazines in the UK, Professional Adviser, Money Management etc on the subjects of Web Business, Internet Marketing and Business Trends in these changing times. There is no other Web Designer/Social Media Guru that has our level or expertise (you know how I know? I have met most of them).

Our work comes with a complete and very bold set of claims, if we work together and do not deliver for you there will be no charge. We will refund every penny you have paid. No questions asked, no small print.

What do we do, we take your business presence online and put it on ‘electronic steroids’. We provide the tools, expertise and software to make your business marketing really, I mean really fly.

We provide structure to your marketing, to your online and offline presence and support you with training and support and we do do website design, but not like the others I promise. Some of the stuff we do has been at least 5 years ahead of the game, and is at least 5 years in front of many of the so called experts around now. Our book on Kindle written for Financial Advisers – is now the defacto standard for their practices, and  if we can help sell Financial Services, anything else is a walk in the park.

Remember, if we don’t deliver for you, we don’t eat, it’s as  simple as that; even a little bit cocky, but The Richard Smith are the partners in your business you never wanted, but won’t want to do without.

Don’t delay act today.

You can contact us using the form below. We will be back in touch, normally with 24 hours. Promise.

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