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I am only interested in three things.

  1. Getting results for my clients.
  2. Getting results in double quick time.
  3. Getting paid for those results.

I hope you’ll find that refreshing in a world of crooks, conmen and charlatans. Here are a couple of comments from existing clients.

If you have ever wondering why you need to have me working with your business read on.

Logic 1st  | IT Support

We invited Richard to help us with our marketing when we were in a very difficult situation.  New business had dried up and we were getting very little from our existing customers.  Things have changed so much and I felt quite out of my depth with all the differing ways that you can now reach out to clients.

Richard immediately brought some focus to what we should be doing, steering us away from some costly ideas which would have wasted our time.  He quickly demonstrated how to build a relationship with a client or potential client and how to maximise that in the easiest way possible.

What I really liked is that Richard doesn’t just tell, he does as well! From writing copy, to setting up systems and analysing data, he is really hands on.

The aim from day one was to ensure that we had processes in place which made it possible for us to manage marketing campaigns quickly and easily.  I feel very confident now in being able to manage all this myself.

Richard has great general business knowledge and a precise and evolving knowledge of the modern marketplace.  I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking to increase the success of their business.

Lastly, he is a really likeable person to have in the office which really helps in any business situation.

Nikki Hobbs – Logic 1st.

If you are serious about working with me but are just not sure, let me give you some free stuff.

Financial Adviser  (Independent)

…So, in July this year, that is precisely what I did. I called Richard and had a long discussion about what I wanted and how I wanted it – and he told me how I could do it and how it would be better if I did it a different way.

Pragmatic, realistic, down to earth, no-nonsense, common sense.

I couldn’t believe my luck! Here I was talking to someone who knew what he was talking about, could cut through the ‘white noise’ and also spoke my language and he understood exactly what I wanted.

You need to speak to someone who does understand what you are trying to do. I can do no more than recommend that you speak to Richard.

Colin Palmer – Independent Financial Adviser.

And from Judy Sharp
Richard Smith works with me as my marketing mentor, especially for website and other online aspects of marketing. As a complementary therapist, I have a particular niche market, and Richard has been very good at doing his homework to better understand that market and then suggest strategies to successfully reach potential clients.
Richard has enormous experience about business in general, and his advice is always both practical and down-to-earth, whatever aspect of my work/business we are discussing. He is very good at kicking butt when necessary, at providing focus and creating a pathway to follow.
What you see is what you get with Richard, and I like that very much: there is no hidden agenda or ego, just a “roll up our sleeves and let’s get on with it” approach. And it is a joint effort – I feel he is there alongside, working with me to achieve results. His emphasis is not on designer add-ons or frills, but rather on practical, down-to-earth ideas, tools and systems that will work and will bring results.
I would recommend Richard to businesses of all shapes and sizes, but particularly to smaller concerns where the owner/practitioner may be very good at their special subject but lacks the general business/marketing skills and does not have the time and / or inclination to learn. My advice would be – don’t waste your time trying to learn – Richard can fill those gaps with all the skills and experience you will need to grow your business. The added benefit is having someone with whom to bounce around ideas: even the quirky humour is welcome!
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