TENA Pant Jokes Are So Last Week


Got some stick for  the last email I sent which is interesting. I mean if we are lucky enough to get the age where need such things, that’s good right.

The subject of lead generation is serious. The long term success of your business depends on you getting it right.  With that in mind  I have tied up the second part of my meeting with the the Pilates Lady.  It’s a bit longer than normal but adds loads of value.

Let me know when you are ready to get the same as my lucky clients, this is what Colin said about me “You need to speak to someone who does understand what you are trying to do. I can do no more than recommend that you speak to Richard.”

The link is below.

Lead Generation For Small Business – The Importance of Follow Up +

When you are ready, click here for some one to one stuff and my great offer you can get in at the old prices today. New members will be pay the increased price with effect from April 2017.

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