Talking Benches and Shooting Stars.

Yesterday I was sitting down thinking what am I going to write today and what will I have to say that could change me or you.  Will it be important, will it add value – what will it be? 

Of course, my inner idiot had a lot to say about it – he was there, telling me that I’d never make it, never be able to write anything that others would want to read – he can fuck off as well.  

As I launched into yesterday something caught my eye and I felt that I should be doing something with it  – for the last two years or so my day has started with a run in my local park  – well, a run wouldn’t be the whole truth – sometimes it’s a jog and other times just chewing the fat with the morning people.  A few times in the past I’ve struck up conversations with strangers, some have looked troubled, others just looked interesting. Often it’s me just craving an unknown third party to engage with.  

I’ll be honest, I’ve learned loads, found out some interesting things and helped relieve the boredom of some I’m sure. Interesting to note, that my blood pressure is down by other a third and I’ve lost just over a stone – just by getting out in the morning. 

I first heard about talking seats or talking benches a while back and was intrigued. 

Those of you that have not heard of talking benches. These are quite simply spaces where it is acceptable for anyone to stop and chat, for those that are sitting on the benches,  by doing so you accept that someone else may also want to stop and chat. 
I’ve approached some of my local councillors and the MP with a view to getting some talking benches arranged for the local area. It’s one of those things that should really start to end loneliness and isolation for all age groups. 
I had fired off a couple of emails in order to try and get some traction but so far it had fallen on deaf ears. Yesterday I posted it on one of the local community groups and asked for some help to promote it and by lunchtime yesterday I had had over 60 replies with people saying what a great idea it was an offering to send emails and letters to the powers that be in order for some of these talking seats to be so designated.  

Great news, my idea now has some traction – fingers crossed we’ll see these benches designated as ‘taking seats’ sometime soon. 

More – great stuff… 
Late last night I also popped out into the back garden to look at the sky,  just to see what was going on what patterns I could make out and what constellations I can identify. I really am pretty shit – Orion, North Star. That’s about it.  
I had not done this for a few weeks, it’s been a thing for me – just gazing in pure amazement.  And I was conscious of the fact that I had not seen a shooting star since before Christmas and it is now February. 
With a clear sky and a slight frost on the ground, it was only a matter of seconds before the first shooting star appeared across the bottom of Orion’s belt and within a few more minutes it was a count of more than 10.  

10 shooting stars is close to being a record for this house, given that it’s not completely dark.  
It might seem small and insignificant but I actually get a bit excited when I look at what nature throws in the mix – in this case quite literally, throwing stones at us. 
So what’s the point of this, what am I trying to say?  

Far too often we sit in our own little bubble in her own little world and forget that in order to get anything done you need to ask a question or poke something. Like just get off your arse, fire off an email. Look outside.  

When you do don’t be surprised that something happens in your favour. 
In order to see anything, or witness anything you actually have to turn up, or ask.  I could have sat in front of the news and depressed myself about the level of crap that is going on in the world, instead of that I stood out of the back garden got a little bit chilly and was absolutely amazed at the sight that was waiting for me. I’ve also got a handful of people helping me promote an idea that will add a lot a value to the local community. 
If I hadn’t taken a couple of tiny actions then none of this would have happened.  

Today’s lessons is clear get off your f****** ass go out there and do something you’ll be pleased what happens. Maybe nothing will happen, and that’s the way life is, there are no guarantees.  
Just accept the steps – the journey is what it’s all about. 

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