Taking Action

You know what it’s like. Get into the office on Monday morning, not feeling that great – wishing the two days just gone would be in front of you. Only, all you have now are five days of graft. No matter if you are running a small business, a director in someone else’s business or you are working for the man in a job. It’s no different. 

It’s easy to take the pity pill – sit back in your desk, drink another cuppa – soak in some social media – cats on Flakebook is the usual one, although it could be puppies – could be worse, getting involved with a pointless conversation on Twitter with some askhole that will never agree, never see your point of view no matter how you enunciate it. Idiots are idiots at the end of the day.

Next thing. Some half of your Monday is gone. Time you’ll never get back, it’s lost forever. Stolen by A.N.other, or worse still just lost by you – because of your actions. 

Often, you and I are not mindful, not even aware that this time is slipping. Until you look back on the day, look at what you should have achieved, the things you could have done, chased that new order, found that new client, worked out a new way of selling your wares, engaged on social media (whatever that means), sent that CV. Fired off an email. Instead, you’ve sat on your backside – wasted some of the precious time you have left. 

This is how lives end up slipping into the ether, ebbing away like a spring tide, being washed away by a flush  – not by any one action, not by any single thing but by lots of tiny actions, when you’re not looking, that big brain of yours finds something to distract you, to take your mind off things, gives you something else to do. And then, when you start to take some action, start to move things forward – that voice kicks in, it explains to you in no uncertain terms that ‘it won’t work’, ‘you’re useless’, ‘remember the last time you tried…’ A ton of negativity, coming from inside your own head – forcing you back to whatever it was that was soaking up your life [time] before.

The facts remain the truth. Every interaction you don’t make, every letter or email you don’t send, every askhole you engage with, every negative thought you believe, every time you stop doing something because that voice in your head tells you it won’t work, just holds you back, keeps you in your place.

So if the place you are in  is great and needs no change, you’ve earned the right to do nothing, to waste time. I wish you well. If it’s not then you need to take some action, get jiggy with moving forward, start to DO stuff that makes the difference, stop listening to  that voice in your head – crack on. You’ll thank me for it. 

Stuck with this, then get in touch. Together we can work it out. Just remember, if you don’t change it. Newtons theory will hold you exactly where you are.

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