Startup and Business Development

So you think you have heard it all before, great you should be able to read through this very quickly.

Our customers benefit from  a range of services some of these are below.

Increased penetration in your niche markets  via the use of all available mediums including PR/Internet/Social Media (do any of you know how much I hate that term ‘social media’).

Identifying your target market; believe me your ideal customer is not everyone.

Finding those that fit your target market; I love research £10 spent on research can result in many thousands of ££’s in sales. How do I know? I have done it many times in recent years.

Autopiloting your sales processes; giving you time to do other stuff (things like focusing on getting enough sales to pay those bills/playing Golf).

Getting you found in Google (other search engines are available); because that is what’s expected from your customers.

Marketing using all available mediums and options; this is not having an ’email newsletter’ service on your website, or playing with Google Adwords, it’s about having a marketing plan and using the most suitable options.

Improving and or building your sales process in order to fit the needs of the business; noting that some international markets work very differently to our own.

This is just a small sample of what I can do for your business.

Look if you are a start up or a new business listen to the advice below, and then get on this email list. It contains all of the information you need and no bull.s. Just the honest truth. Link is here Small Business Advice Without the Crap

Audio for small business help/advice is below.

More importantly than anything else I love working with innovators, start ups and those that are just plain stuck. If you fall into any of these categories then please call.

I have a truly international team, with staff in the USA, India, Romania and the Philippines we also have a people on the ground in the UK where the business is based.


Richard Smith – CV


Self Employed/Director/Partner of various business for the last 25 years.

Banking and Financial Services background.


Feature writer and blogger for Professional Adviser magazine, featured in Money Management (FT) and Judge of the Professional Adviser Awards (Website and Social Media campaign).


Keynote speaker at Sussex Enterprise and Federation of Small Business events covering issues like small business blogging, online marketing for sme’s, social media for idiots/is for idiots and online security.  Author of several publications relating to online marketing and online business development.

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