Start Up Business or Just Plain Stuck?

I’ve just arranged to have a few days out of the office.

Making a bit of a plan for the coming three months (I only plan this far in advance). I have these ‘away days’ every so often. Partly because I can, but also because time away from the office, social media and other distractions means a bit more focus, I get more shizzle done.

It’s proven to work, for the likes of JK Rowling and of course nearly all of the most loved artists worldwide – all of them take time out to focus on the work.  They do this because without focus on one thing you can’t get your best ideas out and do your best work.

One London lecturer asks her students to spend many hours looking at at a single painting in order to get ‘in the zone’ with it – to really see what the artist was doing – if you’ve never done it, please try it.

Fact is while you are focused on ‘in the business’ you can’t work ‘on the business’.

In the business work – responding to clients, dealing with staff issues. On the business – making plans for JV partners, working out new uses for products, working out what new services to offer.

It’s the later that secures your business future and allows you to work less at some point in time.

Importantly, you can’t see the problems with your business. Sure many are obvious, but it’s only outside eyes that tell you the truth and point out  what is really happening – that’s what  I do, you have to do the work but I’ll show you what needs doing.

This week a potential new client decided a) my fee was far more than he wanted to pay and b) he didn’t want ‘coaching’. I replied “phew, pleased not to have you as a client, it would have been a disaster.”

See, I ain’t no coach. Business partner, key member of staff, professional friend and mentor, I.T guru, sales and systems expert, seo ‘bod’, PR and Joint venture guy, business truth sayer.

Thing is I do guarantee my results for all close work, I will get you the result you want, more profits, more time out of the office etc, etc, and I charge for it, like a lot (starts at £1050 per month).

But  I don’t do any of this by working harder – that’d be stupid. When  you’re ready to get focused, get in touch or join me over at the Ninja’s.


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