Speaking Korean – and the connection is?

As you can imagine as Internet Consultants we undertake a great deal of internet related consultancy for many clients across the UK, however something hit me today which was really made me want highlight some points. A comparison, Small Business Marketing Consultancy and speaking Korean.

Speaking Korean is interesting,  there are 6 different levels of conversational address depending on the relationship of the speakers, formal and informal deference, blunt, familiar, intimate and plain.  Pleased that is out of the way.

Now there is a reason for this. Google announce this week that it is all change with them and in Beta Testing is the new Google Caffeine. This of course has got the Search Engine (SEOF) firms in a bit of spin.

So let me tell you what Google have done, we have seen a slight change in the way it organises data behind the scenes, amended the algorithm it uses to deliver results and will in due course amend the weighting it gives to links from other Sites amongst a few other changes.

What does this mean, well nothing in real terms despite what the  SEOF are panicking about these subtle changes are nothing more than cosmetic and are designed to keep Google at the top of the Search Engine game. I believe they are very good at it and will continue to be, that is not to say that the likes of Yahoo, or Bing can be ignored.

So when speaking with a Korean and talking the same language you will be clearly understood. It is no different when your Website talks to the Search Engines, the language may be different but learn it you must. You can of course employ a translator or teacher which is where we come in.

Over here at The Richard Smith we know all of this and more. Korean Lessons included at no extra charge. Urin seoro cheonnune banhaesseoyo.  As a starter for you.

It will serve as a reminder to all of you out there, that decent content, well prepared and Search Engine Friendly will continue to work.  Fact! Scamming and Tricking and using any ‘black arts’ as in Rugby will soon end up with you off the pitch.

Richard Smith


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