Not a very complimentary definition of Soloprenuer's from Urban Dictionary  but here it is anyway.

An entrepreneur who works alone, "solo," running their business single-handedly. They might have contractors for hire, yet have full responsibility for the running of their business. The full description is here Soloprenuer.

I don't know many that really fit in with that description but I am sure there are a few.

Our own business manages to use a range of virtual and freelance specialists along with a couple of full time assistants working on administration issues. My thinking is that this 'virtual' or 'soloprenuer' existence is easy to replicate/create and makes for a very flexible business model that can grow and adapt to market conditions.

One big issues is  cost, mainly due to the fact that all  'freelance' staff are working on short term contracts that makes them easy to hire and fire but nothing to train (as they normally come with the skills required) in saying that they are often more costly than full time staff employed locally. That said with office costs along with I.T costs increasing the soloprenuer model is looking more and more attractive for many.

Just think about the options..

You need x task completing by this week. Giving it to an existing member of staff will:

1.Upset their workflow – meaning something else has to give.

2.Mean the work will probably be done to a lower standard.

3.May not have the skills to complete the task fully.

For these reasons a specialist Freelancer could well deliver the task on time and on budget and to a higher standard. Get in touch with me and  I will you through some of the models you could use.

Sample Of Freelance Work – Copywriting.



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