Sole Trader | Debt | Small Business

Business not going that well?

Got people chasing you for cash that you just don’t have?

Is it all becoming a bit overwhelming?

I’ve spent the last thirty years or so working with small firms and sole traders that have been in varying degrees of debt – some to the point where the owner couldn’t cope and the business folded – and others that I have managed to get solutions for and they’ve thrived to this day and will forever.

It could be, you feel overwhelmed, embarrassed or just plain stuck.

It could be cash flow, admin or profit that needs work – maybe just having an experienced ‘man Friday’ around for a  couple of weeks will help.

Confidential and without any judgement – you’ll know how you ballsed it up – you don’t need me to remind you – but you could do with some help putting it right, or at least letting me help you with the crisis.

Debt Management | Cashflow Help | Loans and Credit Cards out of control |

When you are ready for some honest help that you can rely on call email in confidence. There are solutions and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your business back on track. No matter how bad – I can help.

Thirty Years of small business advice all concentrated in a package ready for you to use.

Get in touch, no obligation, no charge – just some help to shimmy you over this hiccup. Contact

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