Social Media – What does it do for your business?


I’m active on social media. Just not in the way most people use it. Likes, shares and making a post a favourite is unlikely to increase your new business by one or even two sales over the coming couple of years.

And with good reason. As I shared in a email this week people are funny things they often do things without thinking, like they are on autopilot. That’s why your social feeds are full of images of cute kittens and puppies. It’s why the likes of Britain First manage to break through with a massive presence.

It’s how fake news manages to spread.

Evidence for this, one of my product pages that promotes my small business loyalty schemes has over 280 likes, and has not produced a single lead from these likes.

I sell a loyalty type scheme at least once per month and have done for about five years, but I’ve never sold one through Facebook or via one of those liker’s. I know this because I have asked.

The ‘like’ box was added to the site in order to test a couple of things but has never been actively promoted, yet it’s been found by over 200 people who have liked it.

Not sure why, but think it’s probably because Facebook has conditioned them to do it.

Word of warning for you. You can’t pay your bills with likes, you can only pay them with cash. You can’t get cash from likes not matter what Zuckerberg tells you.

Here is the link to the page.

When you’re ready to get a proper groove on in your business you can joint my select group of Ninjas in the link below.

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