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The point today day relates to a one specific self styled social media guru to the Financial Services Industry , who provides training and seems to maintain a fairly high profile and tells porky pies (that’s untruths and makes misleading statements).

Now always when making statements and publishing them on the web as though you are an expert you need to be aware of people like me who will pull your story apart.

Getting the top spot on the search engines is not difficult provided you follow a few basic rules we all know that.

These rules are published in many places so I won’t cover them here, however making statements and providing evidence that seem to support your top position in the search engines which are so clearly manipulated is wrong and misleading.
We are watching.

Full name withheld – you know who you are and you have just proven what we always suspected; you know nothing.
If you really want to move your IFA business to the next level using the internet may I suggest you consult with a firm that is proven in the field and don’t try to spoof their success or pretend to be something they are not.

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Richard Smith – Happy Tuesday to all.

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