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I was asked to create a series of articles a while back, these were to explain to Financial Advisers how they needed to position their businesses online and offline. This ended up with me being asked to judge the “Professional Adviser Awards” in that year. The advice I offered then has not changed. You can read it yourself. You can read it here.

The advice I offered then, was to the same that had been done since the time of Jesus. Work out who your market is, find out where they were hanging out and put a message in front of them (principles) the tactic, was the internet. At the time I was targeting financial advisers. These articles generated many tens of thousands of pounds in income for me and my partner at the time. Since then, I have gone on to use the same tools for myself and my clients.

If you are really interested in moving your business from here to there, increasing sales and profits. Then there are some things you have to do, my open letter to you small business owners is here there is also my letter about Colleen, my friend the flower seller. She managed to grow her business by 20%.

How To Grow Your Business By At Least 20% This Year – an open letter to small businesses in the UK

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