2021 Selling For Small Businesses

So you don’t like selling! Its 2021  – get over it. 

Small Business Selling

This is the one thing that most small business owners really struggle with.

Putting yourself ‘out there’.
Talking about your products and services.
Making positive noises about your staff.

It’s all so horrid, and people will judge you. People won’t like you, they won’t buy.

These are the thoughts that go round and round our heads everytime we think about doing any of this sales stuff. Just thinking about it makes us cringe, and then, what if they say no? What if we are rejected, whatif…

The whatifs’ go around our head like wasps around a pile of fresh dog pooh on the pavement – they can’t resist it. Backwards and forwards, trying to work out what it is, what will it do for us. Can we use it, should be take it back to the nest. Until eventually they decide to fly off.

Meanwhile, you are facing the client. You are waiting for them to decide to buy or not.

Those thoughts are the same for all of us.

None of us want to be pushy or a douchcanoe – salesperson type. None of us wants to come across as one of them.

Yet, we know the product we have…

Saves money, saves time, improves health, finds alternative ways, makes it possible to everything faster. It’s a backed by a good guarantee, been around for years, has been polished and improved and comes with a great financing deal why wouldn’t they want it?

Look, you don’t have to be pushy, you don’t have to force it down peoples throats, twist their arms.

If what you have works, if what you do makes a difference, if you can prove that and have evidence why shouldn’t you expect others to buy it. Expect others to consider it, to look at your evidence – to consider it part of their plan. And if they can afford it, want it – need it even.

Why shouldn’t they buy it.

This is how sales works for you  when you are introvert. You have a conversation with someone about your product, your service. You tell them what it does and ask if they’d like to benefit from that.

  • Some will
  • Some won’t
  • So what.

Not everyone is going to buy today – some will never buy.

But that does not mean you should stop trying.

So instead of making sales today, go and have five conversations with suspects – people you think may be able to make use of your product or service. Be agnostic about them buying – don’t care – just be honest.

I’ll guarantee you’ll have several conversations with genuinely honest people about the great things you do.

So, feel proud of that. Let them decide if it’s for them or not.

PS If you are stuck with any of this then get in touch. My 2021 Post Covid Small Business Recovery Plan is available now.

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