Small Business – The Current Mood – The Swan Understands

Angst and anger seem to be everywhere at the moment.

If we just hold on a for a moment, take a deep breath and think carefully, it’s clear there is a level of manipulation going on.

Before Covid, there was already a lot going with politics becoming more and more fractious and both sides of the fence people were becoming more and more entrenched.

As a business owner, there is frustration because of income, because of the threats to our livelihoods and our futures.

We all know that a year in all of our lives is a long while, but to have this year forced on us makes everything a bit harder.

Like you I have no idea how this ends. But I do know that pushing against each other does not help. We really are all in this together.

But, today whilst feeding the swans at my local park, two were not interested in food. And stood on one leg in shallow water and preened.

Taking each feather and brushing it slowly in soft kind steps. Feather by feather, across it’s back. Chest and lower legs.

Each section was getting a once over, a clean, a check to make sure. Brushed up, adjusted and made fit for an autumn day.

The work today was making sure any heat generated stayed in, that any water around was kept out.

That everything was just in order.

There was no rush, no forced speed in order get it over with.

Just a very careful preen to make sure every one was doing what was asked of it. It felt like it could have taken ths swan all day – and it wouldn’t have mattered.

This was important work if it was to survive and remain protected from the day ahead – things had to be just right.

How many of us actually take the time to think, to preen.

Most of us don’t even check the oil level in our cars before we drive them.

Most of us don’t even think about the thoughts that are running through our heads or the multiple actions we take each day. Let alone focus on a few tiny feathers that collectively keep us alive.

The few minutes spent with a client, a co-worker, a wife or a child. All help us create a cohesive structure in our lives.

Our friends, our customers, our suppliers, the person on the till, the man in the paper shop. Everyone you meet forms part of your feather coat, allows you to keep doing what you do.

We need all of them if we are to live our lives.

We rely on the protection offered.

We need to take care of them. Sure some we don’t agree with. Some offer up views that are just unpalatable.

But without them, without their work – your life will be missing something.

Make sure you preen.

Make sure you adjust, make a point of understanding how complicated our lives really are and how much we need each part, and learn how with a little bit adjustment we can keep them working for us.

To maintain that relationship of help and assistance. Because we all have our own feathers to preen, we all have our own part to play – and that doesn’t make you or me right. It makes us part of.

These are our feathers.

Look after them.

When you are ready to get a shizzle on with some of this stuff – get in touch. Contact Richard 

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