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Congratulations. You want to start a business.


Starting a business, and getting start-up business advice is actually a lot harder  to get than you may think. Many of the government departments that were providing small business start-up advice (like business Link) had disappeared. And many of the trade organisations have had the funding poured, survey can no longer provide training for those of you that want to start your own business.

It is vitally important before you even think about starting your own business/organisation you are aware of some of the major pitfalls that seem  affect nearly all of the small and medium-size businesses that I come across. With this in mind I have created this short pod cast (it's above), And this will give you some further insights as to what it is you should do when thinking about starting or creating your very own business.

It is actually a lot less risky than you think, and it is possible for you to be able to secure success by taking some very very small but practical steps will in advance of you spending money on your business idea. These small steps of the key to your future business success.

Since the credit crunch started in 2008, more and more of us have decided that actually running your own business is far more secure than being in employment. Having a job is no longer seen as being safe and secure. For most small business owners finding out the three things that you really must do often come to late in the process, you have spent time and money on things that don't matter. What this pod cast is all about making sure you focus on the right things well in advance. If you get these three things right your business success is absolutely assured.

I will be running some workshops covering the issues raised in this pod casts (small business start-up advice and guidance) as well as still offering my one on one consultancy, which guarantees to save you a small fortune in the first 12 months of your trading and of course guarantee you will make sales. You may ask how I can guarantee these things, it's because I help you focus on the three most important things for your small business start-up to do.

Please contact me  in order to discuss any these aspects in more detail, or you can call on 0845 226 9106/0774 007 6226



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