Small Business – Self Employed and Sole Trader Podcast

It’s July 2023, where did the year go?

If your small business wants to get shimmy on and needs assistance selling more – then I have some pointers in this months podcast.

There are a number of things that I am talking about specifically in this podcast, if your small business is based in West Sussex or Kent then I can certainly provide you with some hands on help if required.

The main focus for me is always about helping my small business clients do more with what they have. For example selling more to existing customers and using technology in order to leverage sales. This includes putting in place e-commerce websites and using the socials to engage with and sell more to your existing customers. Of course not in an overly sales way. None of our customers like that .

The rest of the podcast is considering carefully the issue in relation to pensions and your small business. We all know that we should be investing more for the long term the question I have, after 30 years in financial services: is a pension the right thing for you to do. Of course putting money into stock could produce a return of 20 or 30% on your capital very quickly whereas the maximum you are likely to get from a pension after charges is going to be closer to 7%.

These are the conundrums we face as a small business owner We’re best to use our money in order to get the safest return.

The podcast and if you’re small business needs some hands-on help to solve some of these problems or if you’re stuck then please get in touch using the form below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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