Small Business, Politics and me.

This short article was written in August of last year (2020) it is in the main an unedited stream of thought. It helped me with some thinking, I hope it helps you.

It can’t be right that so many of us are struggling to work out how to get through this Covid situation. Of course, myself is included in that but I do have some ideas as to how. How I may solve some of the problems we face.

The system of politics we have here has really ceased to function as we should expect. With no effective opposition and an increase in the ‘woke’ attitude of many – this will not end well I am sure. Perhaps everything will change, and we can all start to move forward and start solving problems. Indeed as humans, we are problem-solving machines.


My proposal is to educate and inform. To make sure that all of us with a problem, understand how to start to solve it.


If it is a money issue, how we deal with it, our response to it. To make sure the information needed in order to respond to the lack of money is available. This will make sure people have a place to go.

If it is a business problem or an environmental problem – to help us all move forward and solve that. This should be my aim, my goal in life- to help people solve problems. How to do that is the next question.

I don’t know why a small business owner wouldn’t want to generate leads on the cheap, to make sure the phone rings. Indeed many are trying to do that without much success – and that is a problem I can solve.

I never wanted to be a gun for hire. I don’t want to be the person that solves all the problems for every business owner out there. I just want to be the person who can help enough business owners make enough money from that kind of service they want to offer and work abroad or from a laptop. The same as everyone else really.

Money Stuff There is an overwhelming need for all of us to understand this more, to make sure that someone like me is able to get a message out. Few are speaking up about the problems with money, and with the mother of all recessions that is surely coming there are going to be more and more people that will need help. I am not a charity but I could sell a simple product.

Just sitting quietly allows me to gather my thoughts. Jotting down a few notes here will allow me to go back over these at some point in the future and hopefully make sense of them. This is headspace.

Utopia. Having money in the bank, having a regular income, being at peace is surely a desired place for all of us to be in.

We must make it a goal to become FI before retirement. This is not only about education but a shift in attitude towards things. It has to be the case that our income and our lives are woven together. With enough income we can be free to do whatever we want, to become whoever we want, and to grow into that.

The thing that holds us back is the lack of money skills, the lack of education to do just that. Just getting a job is not an answer anymore, it does not make sense. Two major recessions in the last ten years (or so) have confirmed that. You and I have to change.

There is no way to know how this will all end, how Governments will deal with the problems we are facing. It has to be up to you and I.

I can assure you of this. Having some money in the bank, not having to leave your home in order to make some money today, having enough cash behind you to take a week off, a month off – to enjoy a pet project – to do something you really like or want to do is life-changing. And that is my main objective to find something that makes sense for all of us To finally get the freedom we all deserve so that at least, very slowly things will change.

Change for the better, change into something that works for all. Because change is going to be only constant in this life and if you and I are the drivers of that change it is us that remain in control, in charge.

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Utopia – is indeed a world where us humans understand what to expect, understand the changes that are coming, and do our very best to control them. It is about education and skills, it is about money and life, it is about a new system of living, of politics that means we are more….

… relaxed, in control and less aggressive, Living lives that we deserve and work for instead of what’s

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