Small Business Podcast – Feb 2018 – Your Why.


My eldest son who is currently studying English in London asked me a pretty simple question and he said “how do you get started in business and what are the steps you need to take in order to the grow a business that supports your lifestyle and provide the level of income that is needed  for you as an individual or as a family.” Shouldn’t be too complicated should it.


So my response to him, was what he needed to focus on was something very different. It is not what he needed to do; the real focus for a  small business if you are to  succeed he is why.


See, if you have a big enough why it is pretty straightforward to be able to understand the what, it’s the process, the thing or the widget. It is the result they get that effectively rewards you, the more value you add with that solution the more you can charge for it.


The whole issue of having a why is something that most small business owners,  and certainly startups tend to forget.  There are plenty of businesses that are what I call me too businesses.  Few of these have a good enough reason for doing what they do.

With my own clients and startups I I focus on getting the change that’s required  and that starts with a why. It also means that I can focus on other things rather than money sure money is important but it’s my why  that gets me up in the morning. It should be your reason.

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