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All of you know that having a website is a minimum requirement for all firms, but what most of you don’t know is that the only firm that can guarantee you a top spot on Google is Google.

Everyone else is just guessing. However there are some simple rules that you need to apply in order to be googleable and most of these are missed by many of the specialists. There are a couple of major factors  that will decide what you should do about your website, these will determine the next move.

Nearly all (98%) of small business websites are not effective – FACT!

I can show you why and how you can solve this and it’s not what you think.

My key questions before moving from this point are:

  • Are your potential customers using the internet to buy products or services, if so how much are they spending?


  • How are your competitors doing it and can you really compete?


  • Is this a viable strategy for you? Often the reply is yes, you need a presence but do you need more.

My approach is different, yes you need to be googleable but will it make you money?

Our search engine team will consult, guide and advise and then charge you a fixed price.

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