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Let  me explain a little more about how we work.
New Clients – Potential Clients the initial meeting is normally 15-30 minutes and provide we can find some parts of your business where we can increase sales/decrease costs or add value in some other way we can arrange a full 1 hour meeting.

Provided you want to meet for 15-30 minutes we will get one of our team to provide you one of our syndicated and written press releases for your firm (this is the same as the paid for service) and we will send you our ‘finding new customers on the internet’ product free of charge.  This is worth at least £247.

If I think I can help you to increase sales by at least 25% in the first 90 days or if  there is something else I am able to do for you  then I will provide a formal price for the work, this is normally paid monthly over the first 3 months but will be in advance and comes with a complete money back guarantee or we work for free until we achieve the promise.

If there is any need to use any other third party specialists (like web designers) we will make a recommendation of one from our preferred  provider list who will work at cost price (we can project manage it for 10% of their cost).

Of course please contact me today for a chat before your competitors do, seriously.

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You can always call on 01323 660058 or contact me here.


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