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Nearly every business owner I have met worries about getting their marketing right, and there is a reason for this. Most business owners are technicians – they do what they do. Many have  no formal training or skills in the core area of  developing new business.

Which is where I come in – I work with you in your business to increase sales and profits using a range of tools and skills and on a Pay As You Go Basis.

The Getting Stuff Done  Audio Is Here If You Wanted That.

If for any reason I don’t increase your sales by 10 times my cost then I will  work for free until you do.

The world has changed everything is now ‘web centric’ but the web is often not the answer for you on it’s own or at least without adaptation and testing. Nor is  it social,video, email or sms marketing. In fact it could be a combination of all of these.

One of the biggest obstacles facing small firms is the choice of expert, if you have been told that SEO or Pay Per Click, Email or Sms marketing is the panacea and found out quickly that it’s not, you are not alone.

There is no ‘right’ medium but you do need a mix of them all.  You are in the right place if you want to try them all.

Every business has things that I can work with to increase sales –  it takes just 30 minutes to find out and we have this meeting without cost. Face to face, via the telephone or Skype it’s your choice.

If you genuinely want to grow your business by thirty to ninety percent in ninety days or less without increasing your spend on conventional advertising my nine step system will do this for you. These systems are proven (since 2003)  are guaranteed to work and don’t involve you stressing about where the next lead is coming from.

My work with small and medium sized firms has lasted for over 11 years now, which means I have a proven  set of models to work with and then help you implement them in your business. To help you focus on the  things that will change your business in matter of days.

What Makes The Difference?

It’s things  that seem to have been forgotten that have become  the deciders when it comes to profitability and business success.

They are:-

  • Your sales message
  • The medium
  • Your targeting
  • Your pricing
  • Your differentation

My work starts with getting some or all of these right, it does not happen overnight, and my   approach is to get on with stuff for you  – find out what the problems are and get them dealt with first which is why our initial meeting  together is designed to work out what the problems are, solve them and get you moving.

For some it will be  conventional advertising and the fact that consumers are not really reacting to your marketing message, and for others will be websites are just not delivering or Adwords campaigns that get clicks but not conversions.

Your concerns about moving your business forward in these market conditions will not be solved via social media or any other quick fix, but can be solved with a new approach.

You can’t solve your business problems with the same thinking and actions that caused them.

The Small Business Advantage (Small Business Marketing Update)

One thing I proved years ago was that by testing some new things and then running with them  after they have proven to work is far better for firms of all sizes and as a small or medium sized business  you can test immediately and at low cost. The small business advantage.

I like to describe this testing as ‘mining for diamonds’ once you have found out where they are (what makes your customers buy) you just do more of that. It might take you a few weeks to find out- but once you have found it, you have found it.

Start small (cheap) but think big, find out what works and fast.

Where to start?

Starting with a review of where your business is,  and where you are headed in our  ‘30 minute preview’ we cover a lot of ground, and this process is  designed to save time and energy (like you I  also run a business so get this time issue).

Once we have met and worked out where we can help we can move forward to a longer one hour meeting where we can document:-

  • What your competition are up to, what they are doing right or wrong.
  • Analysing where your problems are and coming up with some possible solutions.
  • Working out what partners you should be working with (joint ventures are a cheap way to grow a business).
  • Outline some possible solutions for your sales automation, your PR and dealing with any staffing issues you may have.
  • Providing you with  the guidance you need in order sack some of your existing consultants.

That’s the start.

Note: My  charges are always nil. That does not mean I work for free, it’s just that I guarantee you an increase in turnover of at least  10 times my charges as a minimum, less any spend on software or hardware  (increasing sales without any increase in marketing spend is something we do a lot of.)

No Other Marketing Consultant Makes This Offer.  Thats Because I Am Not A Marketing Consultant – More Marketing Implementor.

If for any reason I don’t increase your sales by 10 times my cost then I will  work for free until you do.

Research before Advice

By doing a little research I will tell you what the competition are up to, what your customers really think, sort out the ‘wheat from the chaff’, highlight the problems with any sales staff you may have and only then will I outline a series of workable plans, put in place automated processes  that will improve everything.

My promise to you is that I will  increase  your sales by 30% to 100% in 90 days or less or I work for free until you achieve that. Simple.

You could  need:-

  • Public Relations  – we have an in house team (our manager writes for the The Grocer and Sussex Life).
  • Website work | Our in house team can do that for you (templated websites from £100).
  • Email Marketing  – all done within our team for you at a fixed cost.
  • Conventional Advertising – done for you or negotiated prices on your behalf.
  • Joint Ventures/Tele Marketing  – all done with you using our team.
  • Adwords  – all of our specialists are Google Certified.
At this stage I have no idea which one of these you may need, but whatever solves your problem we can supply it and still bring the guarantees.

Call me today with your marketing problem and I will give you at least two solutions before we meet. My mobile number is 0774 007 6226 (if I am not available sms me your name and number and I will call you back within 24 hours).

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You can always call on 0845 226 9106 or contact me here.

Small Business Marketing Update

Richard Smith is also co owner at  part of Hidden Business Assets


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