Small Business Loyalty Schemes


Since launching this new scheme a few weeks ago we have installed the first twenty and are very pleased with the feedback (thank you everbody it's been great). This brand new platform designed for small firms across the UK will be increasing income helping you to build business for a long while to come.


Loyalty schemes are big business and nearly every firm has one in place.

  • Sainsury’s has Nectar.
  • Tesco has Clubcard.
  • Nando’s has Chillis.

Every small firm also comes with it’s unique approach, but they do need to compete with the large firms and  a loyalty scheme provides you with the the means to keep your customers coming back.


The real key to having a loyalty scheme is to be able to offer your customers deals or vouchers that allow you to compete. For those of you that have sold vouchers via the large providers in the market place you will know how they are expensive they are.


Often vouchers are sold at 75% of the face value of the product – this is probably the most expensive way to market your business, and if you don't proactively collate your client details you will be left with nothing to go on in the future.


A loyalty scheme will allow you to send offers and deals when you want and at the prices you can profit from. As this scheme is supported by a messaging service that covers email, sms and direct mail (Postcards and Letters) you also have a choice of medium.


As a bonus module to the loyalty scheme we have also introduced a Web Site Pop Up that allows you to deliver a message to your customers as they visit your site, nearly all of your website visitors will be looking for something, looking for a daily deal or a reason to do business with you. If you are not giving them a reason to stay and interact with you they won’t.


***This is even more important if you are using a paid traffic strategy, like Adwords***


Further it’s possible to use this scheme in with your social media mix, the loyalty scheme, the pop ups and voucher deals to both your existing customers and those that have not yet purchased from you.


As a further bonus the first 100 of these schemes will have a ‘payment module’ added which allows you to collect  ‘budget payments’ in advance via direct debit. Just like the car and electricity payment  – ideal for those large sales or even ‘occasion purchases’ …..

…things like Christmas Turkey’s, Christmas and Birthday makeovers and other Spa type treats – as business owner you can get paid for these in advance and it guarantees your business will be doing the job and/or supplying the goods.

There is more information here

Why have a loyalty scheme? (PDF)

This short presentation shows some more.


make sure your business can find hidden assets and then I work with you to implement the most effective solution to increase sales and profit, using methods of marketing that are statistically and scientifically proven to deliver results, this is combined with a secure money back guarantee – if you don’t get the results I will work for free until you do.


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