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Outcome Focus

We spend all of our lives working towards an outcome.

That outcome can’t be guaranteed.

Yet we still keep pushing towards it, as if it’s the only thing that matters.

It’s the creativity that actually gives us the tools to be really good at something, the creating of a new process a new system – a new way of working that finally gives us the shimmy on.

With work of course, we can work forever and still not find anything new, not manage to change the system.

In business there are often upstarts that appear, with a new system or a new way of doing things – and ‘boom’ everything changes – the world shifts.

Old industries go. New thinking arrives, a new way of doing things.

Next, everything changes.

See, everything has started to increase in speed.

And were are thinking less, it is this thinking lark that’s lacking.

You and I are so wrapped up in other distractions, there is no time to just be.

Just spend time on our own, in nature. Thinking, It is s incredibly hard because many of us can’t sit with our own company for more than few minutes.

Yet we are the lucky ones, we can find a way out of our own mess, we can consider new ways of doing things, we can look at alternatives.

But we do need to think, I am of the conclusion that we need to relearn how to think. To do everything without an instruction manual, without a short cut.

To spend time doing something new, thinking about it.

Because until we learn how to thing again nothing will change – but you’ll be dragged along by the next shiny or new object, that new political leader, that new means of holding you in debt.

The last thirty years have taught us something – we are not thinking enough, we are not taking the time to consider the alternatives, to come up with new ways doing, of being.

And that is holding us back, forcing change that is not right. That no human should accept. We can be more creative, we can be more sensitive to the things around us, the planet, the people and we can think about the alternatives to this.

By being present, by focusing on your internal game it is possible to find yourself in a new place with new ideas. It’s worked for us a species before and it will work again. But not until most of us start to focus on the journey, on the ideas, on the moving forward – and not on the outcome.

You and I know that we all want the same outcome, to be free, to be heard, to live a peaceful life, to be honest with each other, to be loved.

And we get that outcome by working on that as a journey. So stop spaffing your time, stop trying to be an even bigger cog in a very shitty machine and start to think about how we do/be all of that that makes sense, that makes a difference.

Life is short, and it’s shit if you don’t have meaning (go read Viktor Frankl) but your meaning is known. You want to be loved, you want peace and you don’t want to be a cog.

So go think, then take some action.

It’s the way things have always been and it’s been forgotten. Hence your malaise, hence why you feel flat, and why the system is not working. It is not it, it’s us. Because we have stopped thinking we have stopped taking action after that thought – it’s our fault. Because we didn’t think

With that in mind, go pick a subject, mull it over. What is wrong with it, how could it be better, could you make it work differently, could you adjust/ break/ polish or bin something. Write it down stew it over, think about it. Then when you have a solution, try it, tell the world. This is how we change things this is how we move forward, this is how we love and be loved. It is how we change the world.

Stop waiting for an outcome, it won’t be the one you want – it will be the one that thinker thought of and sold it to you.

Stop being that cog, stop, stop.

Take some time out to think and then do.

It really is how we change the world, it’s how we change our lives.


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