Small Business Life is Changing

I’ve written before about this world of ours, how it changes, what it becomes. 

Your business, precious as it is, will likely  end up smashed and broken as the model changes, as products come and go, as things go out of fashion and become something else. 

Don’t believe me  – go think about the last ten years – how much as gone how much has arrived? 

There has been an exponential shift in things, it’s now all at the speed of light. Everyone is a builder, plumber, social media expert, Google specialist. Whatever you want to do there’s an app for it – something to ease the pain. 

Want it delivered no problem, that be arranged. Just click here and it’s yours, credit cards accepted. 

Same with money – one of the best regarded fund managers in the country (Woodford)- has just turned into a crock of dogshit, like overnight. No messin’, no delays – boom it’s all collapsed. Like Brexit, Trump, it’s all changing. 

Why shouldn’t you be affected? Of course you will – your business is no different to others around you – if you don’t make sure the foundations are solid – then boom – it could go at any minute. Blink and it’s all over. Gone.

Everything is moving at a thousand miles an hour. No one can keep up – few are keeping up. Your life, businesses and everything you thought wouldn’t change has. It’s going to keep coming. Relentless change. It’s going to crush you in the same way as it’s crushed others. 

But, the brilliant news is this. For those smart and wise businesses that get it, expect the change – want the transformation and embrace the new world that’s coming will pick up the lions share of it all. They won’t care if there is no grass to eat – they eat meat and for the moment they ride the storm and eat whenever they want. 

That’s where things are at. You either run, defend or die. And it’s happening now, as you read this. 

Sit back for a minute and consider carefully where your business is at, what is really happening in your market place, who is upsetting it, crushing it, losing market share. Just peer under the carpet for a few minutes and observe what is really going on and then make sure you react to the information. It’s probably the most important thing you’ll do all year.

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