Small Business Leads – Cash Flow And Lead Generation

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Lead Generation | Increasing Sales | Online Marketing

It’s 2021 and N O T H I N G  is like it was.

Freelance Sales and Marketing Consultancy – guaranteed results, no b.s. Just honest advice and guidance on a done with you basis. Contact form is below or here.


We are supposedly back to normal, but we both know that nothing really is.

Working from home seems to be the thing and online is where it’s at.

Post Covid-19 it all seems very natural now, everyone sitting at home, if they want something then a quick search is they way it has been for most of us for the last 18 months, the way everything seems to start now, doin’ a Google is where we all start from. For businesses, well getting a top spot on Google seems to be one  big idea to help you get more business. But you know that’s b.s right! Because it is. Getting found on the Big G is hard enough, but top spot is even harder (but I have some angles on that for you and guaranteed position option).

And I am sure you’ve been told that even Facebook Advertising is a disaster since IOS 14 !  But what does that actually mean?

Has IOS14 had an impact on your business? Nah, thought not.

Is having top spot in search really the thing that makes the difference? My answer to that is yes and no. It is one sure answer, but it is not the only answer. Just one part of a solution to the problem we all face, how to  get Operation Money Suck working in your business. One thing  I do know is that business principles don’t change from one year to the next. My work only involves principles and most of the time what  I do works perfectly – it wasn’t during Covid-19 because nothing was. Problem is how do you deal with it? You want your phone to ring, want a full diary, want to be charging the prices that make sense, want to keep customers coming back, getting that working for you is Operation Money Suck.

For me, I solve the ‘more sales’ problem very simply.

By putting a reasonable offer in front of people who are likely to want what I am offering.

And that is what I do for my clients – small businesses that want more sales, I help them get more customers that want to pay them.

I get paid to help you.

An Example –  how about an ad shown to all the people who have visited your website, an offer to those people, perhaps a free test drive, a free inspection, perhaps a free valet with every MOT, perhaps a free MOT with a service. Possible even a free warranty with something.

Like you I have no idea if this will work, we can’t make people buy anything – sales  and marketing is about putting the right message in front of people who are likely to buy. The technology makes it easy for them to buy and the technology that allows us to get a message in front of them is one all of your customers are used to using.  More so now than ever.

With that in mind. My offer to you is this.

My offer is this. To set up a sales campaign for you, at below cost. If it works we both make money – you’ll will want to run more and more which means I get paid and you make more sales. If it doesn’t then we both spend a little – like a punt on the Grand National or an accumulator  for Spurs on Saturday, win and first goal (around 20-1 on Betfair).


How do you solve the problem of needing a full time marketing body, a tech consultant,media person and customer interface to deal with whatever is needed next for your business?

Hello… I am a business development consultant – a rain maker, a lead generation and cash flow expert, someone  who specialises in everything business development, moving you from wishing and waiting to actually getting stuff done.

I’m so confident in the work I do, that I know I can get you results – so much so I am prepared to prove it. All you need to find is some seed money to start the process off. That’s how good I am.

I can actually do both digital and offline stuff with existing customers and new ones, making the phone ring, increasing cash flow.

Actually selling stuff.

Assuming you are a local garage or workshop, an Estate Agent or an artisan of some kind, perhaps a seller of widgets and whatnot’s in your local area and want more of that, you and I should talk.

If your sales and deal flow are not where you want them to be, feel you are not making the most of your business, could be you  just feel overwhelmed with all the b.s that is shared about growing a small business then I’m here with some home truths and a hug, (cough, cough) if that’s what you need.

What do you do in order to attract customers from the local area?

How do you become the ‘major player’ in your local area? Clue here, you don’t need to be the best, you only need to be better than your competition, who in the main are pretty crappy.

Do you spend your money on search or on social?

Do you get in one specialist after another, do you look at your website or your referral process?

Who do you phone, what specialist consultancy do you get in touch with?

You already know that most are charlatans, one trick pony’s – that will offer you x or y as a  M A  G I C solution. Perhaps a ‘digital expert’  is needed (whatever that is).

You know as well as I do much of what you hear and see is utter rubbish. Snake Oil sellers, people promising the world and delivering nowt.

My offer is a bit different I will show you what you need to do, at no charge.

If you want me to do it for you then you and I  can have a conversation. 

Operation Money Suck…

If you’d rather chat about what new business problem you want solved and want to do that in the next couple of days.

Then message me here [xyz-ihs snippet=”Whatsapp”] let know a good time to call and I’ll do just that.

Two Things Make The Difference To Your Business

Cashflow – the amount of money coming into your business. 

Deal flow – the number of enquiries coming into your business.

These two things are what I call ‘basic principles’ if you get these right then everything changes.

For me, I’ve been working these two principles since 2010 when I moved

full time into working with business owners  in order to turn flat boring businesses into cash cows.

And I do this using four very simple tools, broadly around these.

  1. Having conversations with your existing customers, offering deal and offers, putting place budget payment plans and using e-commerce websites – yup, even your customers buy on-line and you do have something to sell. Where we can, these are automated.
  2. Using Google as a lever to drive business towards you and then applying a drop of paid advertising on the likes of Facebook/Insta in order to raise your profile, to tell your story.
  3. Local Business Listings, affinity businesses – people who already know and love you, automation. Becoming a nice size fish in a relatively small pond.
  4. Second Chance Messaging – capturing your website visitors at virtually no cost.                                                                                                                       With these  tools in your toolbox you’ll find it’s easy to build a list of starving fan who really want to eat at your burger van and not McDonald’s.

I outline some of this in my short video below. This stuff works well and is working now. It’s what I do.

Ready to get in touch  – email me using the form below. 

We can talk about what you could be doing, we can look at what is currently working and we can look at what your options are.

No charge, no commitment and I’ll even set these things up at no charge just so you can see how it works.

Comments or questions are welcome.

* indicates required field

Still Not Convinced? 

It’s January 2022 – Four Months Away

You walk into the office on Monday, open your diary to find it’s nearly booked solid for this week, in fact if there is an urgent job that comes in you will  need to create space for it- bigger workshop and more staff may be needed.

Much of the work booked in has either been paid or part paid – hence the cash flow is looking better than it has. Your suppliers are actually getting  invoices paid quicker, cash flow is that good. Another call to make today for a ‘corporate scheme’ meeting.

They want to place you in their Employee Benefits manual  in  order for their staff to get the same 20% off deal.  As the ‘go to’ firm inside Acme Plc you pick up most of the  repair work and servicing for both staff and company. Two years ago you were spending money on marketing in order to keep the cash flow moving, now your systems and processes  do the heavy lifting for you.

Now you offer, pay monthly and budget payments for larger jobs and your customers love it. With the automation built in you don’t even have to phone them to arrange anything, it’s all done for you.

This is easy to do, easy to automate and puts your business on autopilot.

Sure, it doesn’t happen overnight –  nothing does. But it is possible.

Get in touch, we can talk. I’ll send you some more info before you do and you can see how this works.

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