Small Business Help

Yesterday was a pretty full on day.

Client – desperately need to move their online shop over to some brand new webspace, and then have emails created with new secure certificates installed – then tested.

I also managed to move across his over four sites and install secure certificates and work through some of the load time problems.

At the same time I managed to solve some of the search marketing problems with all sites and to deal with the slow loading times.

Pop over to the site have a look, it’s based on my WordPress (sure that is my saying) -basically, it’s an online shop with a dedicated configuration that is very secure (never been hacked) and fully backed up.

Basically an online shop you can have working for you – forever with only the most minimal tweaking. Online orders, click and collect.

When you are ready for some of this digital inclusion for your small business – then get in touch.


SMS/Whatsapp 0774 007 6226

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