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I am a mentor over at Startup Direct this the Government sponsored organisation that funds new businesses. I see a lot of small firms come through, some make it big and others struggle to make ends meet. 

Wanna know the reason? 

There is one main reason why they fail to grow and fail to meet their initial expectations and it's this.

As business owners, they fail to implement the one strategy that is guaranteed to make a difference to the future of the business and the profitability.  Here goes…

They fail to do the one thing every day that will bring in business, it's not a habit. It's not part of their makeup. They think that because they make the best x or y in the world the phone should be ringing – it doesn't and it won't. Your potential customers don't care, are not interested in you or your product.

It's up to you, you must form a habit, each day you must do the thing that brings in the business:

  • make the call
  • send the emails
  • phone the JV partner
  • create an article/newsletter/sales letter
  • call a supplier to talk about sales angles

Your primary role as a business owner is to sell stuff, to make a profit, You exist for no other reason and therefore you should be doing that one thing the most.

Sure, some of you won't agree, sure some of you won't be around in three years time. It's all about the habits you form, and the very nature of these habits.

Drop me an email today, tell me about one problem you have and I'll solve it. No charge. Go on, fill in the form. Don't forget 1. the business problem and 2 your website address.

I'll be back in touch with 24 hours, promise.

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