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When I was younger, so much younger than today I never needed anybody’s help in any way. McCartney &  Lennon.


This could be the mantra for small business in the coming couple of years because you either have to learn new stuff or deal with many specialists. Both are likely to prove painful.


Introducing MARKETING AS A SERVICE to transform how small firms get sales results.

Like you I was always looking for new angles to grow my own business and I got really frustrated with the lack of really genuine support in the market place. Everyone wanted to sell me their solution – Web design, Logo’s, Flyers and Social, Adwords, Seo, Sem, Email marketing – 8 advisers all with different solutions.

And it all sucked, I mean really sucked. Not one of them could deliver on it’s own and not one firm that could actually advise me – actually help with a whole strategy, actually “get shit done”.

I knew I needed what the New Agers call a holistic approach – cause and effect type stuff for my whole business – a plan to create relationships and sell stuff.

It forced me to look at my own business to work out methods and a strategy and to learn some new things, I then started to test and work out what was needed to help me. Once I had these in place – a series of processes that used the power of the internet and automation things became easier and it’s these processes – proven after three years of adaptation that now are- Marketing as a Service.

You know first-hand the impact that a well-executed marketing plan can have on your business. So I started with a simple set of promises all of which arrived out of my own challenges and successes a small business owner:


  • Make it easy to grow profits with non-conventional and low cost marketing.Use the power of technology and the Internet to leverage time.
  • Apply a systematic approach to generate qualified interest, follow up on that interest and convert it into opportunity.
  • Apply a systematic approach to generate qualified interest, follow up on that interest and convert it into opportunity
  • Patch together an in-house marketing programme and make and attempt at creating coherent messaging/content and managing campaigns across a mishmash of tools and software to get the word out.
  • Find and hire a costly full-service creative marketing agency to build and launch campaigns for you.

When looking for marketing solutions, you are faced with two radically different – but equally challenging – options:

Both options are resource intensive. One eats up time and effort (exacting large opportunity costs) and the other gobbles up working capital that could be invested elsewhere. Faced with these two extremes, many small businesses end up neglecting their marketing efforts altogether – until their sales pipeline dries up and they’re forced to hastily cobble together a marketing strategy amd this often ends up as The IKEA Condition!

You know you need a bookcase, so you wander up to your local Ikea, park, wander, note down, pick up, squeeze it in the car, dodge the Police on the way home because it’s hanging out the back, head home. Phew, no points on your licence.

Three weeks later it’s still flat under the sofa, or standing in the corner. Waiting for whatever or whomever to deal with it. For most small firms their marketing is a Billy bookcase. You know you need it but it’s an effort to complete the mission and to get it built – and it’s still under the sofa!

The Richard Implementing Stuff For Local Business.

The issues for you are also magnified because there are so many specialisms required, web design, search marketing, pay per click, social media. The list is endless which is why Marketing as a Service was developed – Shelf Support For Small Firms.

You get the tools, proven strategies and campaign material to help your business continually attract, engage and convert prospects.

My services sit right in between the DIY option and agency services – delivering the professional campaign development and delivery you’d expect from an agency, but priced closer to the cost of simple DIY tools you can afford. In a nutshell, we get stuff done.

Leverage your strengths

As experts in creating and delivering your own products and services, many small businesses don’t have the experience or a desire to learn and apply the marketing principles that work in today’s wired world.

So you can rely on us, and use our experience. We in turn provide the help you need to grow, bringing systems and processes that reliably generate new opportunities for you.

By offering cost-effective tools and services that generate demand, we help you stay focused on what you do best – delivering great products and services to your customers.

These two things alone can transform your business very quickly.

Contact me today  in order to secure a business marketing audit that will not only save you money but will provide ideas you can use immediately to improve your business.

Or get my short course.


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The Only Things I Do For You Are Evidenced Based Marketing = Methods That Are Proven To Work Based On Evidence And Only  Quantifiably Deliver Results.

In English – stuff that wipes its own face!

Get in touch today and let me help you get some shelves up.

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Richard Smith

The Richard Implementing Stuff For Local Business.

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