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Small Business Gardening No matter how small or large your business is there are certain parts of it that need tending at all times, which is why I like to use a gardening analogy.

What does a Small Business Gardener do?

We both know this; if a business – any business, is to be a success it takes a good deal of effort and time spent on it. It’s not an easy thing to do. Things have to be tweaked, adjusted and sometimes ripped up and started again. Before you end up with the right result!  The right result is of course business systems and profits.

Healthy plants and a yield of fruit, flowers or whatever the plan was when you started.


Starting and running your own business is about you making decisions and following through on these. The problems occur when you end up with poor decision making, or planting the wrong kind of seeds and not having the right kind of equipment (these I call systems and tools). Importantly not paying attention to the things you should.


You can book an initial consulting session with guaranteed results or your money back from below.

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This is how I like to explain our (I have a team of three working with me) work. It’s about treating you and I treating your business in the same way as you would your garden.

You have to consider the layout and shape of your garden – what kind of customers are you working with, what sort of things can you do and make for them. What problems do you solve?

The kind of vegetables, flowers and trees you grow  – the kinds of products you could be providing (selling) and the expected income (a hint we grow vegetables to eat), and trees  to provide structure to our garden along with shade and possible fruit.


Gardens need maintaining , weeding and trimming – changing products or services, regular contact and follow up. Offers and deals, introducing new things.

Tools and equipment needs to be introduced and maintained – websites and sales processes need to refined and altered, products repriced and repackaged.

Shrubs and Trees  – take longer to establish than annuals and bulbs. Summer planting is also a joy and quickly established.

Now you see why gardening and business are so very similar.

Want To Know More – I produce  ‘business start up’ short course. A few daily emails outlining some things you can do in order to increase sales and make more money. Let’s be honest- that is the true purpose of a business. I guarantee you that each of the steps will make you money, or save you time – often both.

Just send me your details below and I’ll get you the information out.






I call myself the Small Business Gardener because I help you create and maintain your business in the same way as you would create and maintain your garden. Bringing you tools for hire and sale, along with horticultural knowledge and skills, honed over a self employed working lifetime and successfully working with and within some of the largest firms on the planet; and many of the smallest.

Sales and Marketing.

Technology and Internet.

Small Business Financial Consultancy.

I have some great tools to help you, some of which have not been seen before. Some tiny widgets allowing you to run daily deals and coupons, sms marketing equipment along with a handful of social tools – like having a beer on a summer evening – on your your bench.

The sooner you and I talk the sooner we can get planting. I can even offer you an initial scan of your fruit and  veg – Small Business Consulting -Initial

Contact me below. Just so you know, your details are stored on our secure compost heap and never loaned to friends or neighbours.

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