Small Business E-Commerce – Plus Covid – 22 Restart


Debenhams Sold £55m – well that was just for the website.

So what has that got to do with you? I’ll explain.


With the news today that Debenhams has been purchased for £55m you can wonder what the new owner is likely to do with it. Well, the shops are worthless – no one is shopping in the High Street but the new owner didn’t buy them. All they purchased was the online stuff and a backend.

The Full Story (BBC) Is Here >> 

Online is very firmly here to stay.  The over 60’s – the last bastion of off line are now virtually all online, helped by the lockdown.

Debenhams has a great online presence for a lot of things which made it valuable for a group like BooHoo.

Online is now where it’s at.

If your offline business is hoping for that to  chang anytime soon you can forget it. The high street is not coming back, the party is over. The fat lady who was hosting is the party  is now in a hospice.

She’s dying of a terminal condition. She is unlikely to recover from that.

Your small business, your shop as no choice but to get a shimmy on. To get do something very different, to be epic.

The same applies to your finances, to your personal habits, and your e-commerce – your online shop. If you don’t stop and take notice of where we are now and what’s going to change then you’ll be left for dead.

Our world has changed dramatically since March 2020. But if you want solutions I have some for you.

1. Your business needs to be online now – selling stuff.
2. You have to be focused on doing one or two things well
3. You have  a clear idea of your options
4. You have to understand timescales – this Covid thing is going to with us for while.

Ready to move on this?

Ready to get your business up and running – doing what it should.

Ready to get your personal and business finances in shape?


I’m waiting for you.

Small Business Post Covid-19 Restart

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