Small Business Development – Resistance causes heat.



Can Buddhism Can Teach You Something About Business

Over the last few years I have been more of an observer than ever before. Not sure if that’s an age thing or a time thing, one thing is for sure I now look at world in a lot more detail with a bit more focus.

There are a couple of things we need to be aware of when running our business and many of these we have no control over, sometimes things go wrong.

Buddhism brings with it a handful of things, and I would not even attempt to persuade you that any of these were right, save one snippet which is this.

Our businesses like our lives are always changing and often these changes are out of our control, a move here a slight change there.

By accepting these changes and working with them any resistance is automatically lowered.

Resistance is something that ends up causing many problems, in electrics resistance produces heat, in the world of engineering heat is also produced by friction – another form of resistance.

Looking around your business, your processes your sales and marketing stuff ask yourself where is the resistance what needs to be accepted as is and look to see if there are any edges that need to be smoothed or things changed.

Could be a staff member that won’t work overtime, could be a stick in the mud accountant who won’t adopt modern methods, could even be your refusal to re-brand or re-market your business in another area, another specialism.

I get the fact that change is a bit scary but there is a lot you can do if you just accept things, accept you’ll try summat and it’ll go wrong, accept that not every customer will like the change, the new offer or the new pricing.

Accept that your wife won’t like the new branding, the accountant won’t like the new software or the new book keeper.

Until you start to poke at these things you’ll never know what the future could look like – it’s gonna be happening anyway so it may as well be on your terms.

Go do this week, change something just for the sake it. See what happens.

I promise you the world won’t end.


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