Small Business Development – Be careful of the Smiths business plan

When you finally wake up from your sleep and realise the world has changed and when you finally learn how to look at and think –  what your business is really about a couple of things will leap at you.

  1. How you think the world is, your own way of seeing things is not the truth and if it is then your customers will have their own version of it.
  2. You don’t spend enough time observing, watching to see what’s happening, how things are changing and where to position yourself next.

If you ain’t doing either of these things you will be missing out I promise you.

Missing out on sales, profits and your chance to change the world so it favours you. Look around that those who have failed before you.

Woolworths, Comet and coming soon WH Smith – if WHSmith didn’t have travel shops (and or spoof books) they would be struggling – watch what happens when the airport owners work that out.

If you can’t re-engineer your competitors sales processes, if you don’t have a strong USP, if you don’t use the right kind of automation in your sales processes, if you don’t engage…

You are going to be history.

It’s not enough to just be a widget maker or an artisan. The world is just too competitive. No edge means no business. Ask WH Smiths.

I’m proud of what I do. Making sure that you little guys understand where the world is at, understand that there are options – a way forward. Only it’s not what you think.

So here is the last call today, if you are ready to get a shift on. Ready to take your business to the next level or just want to get unstuck.

You can join my Ninja group

Or Borrow my Brain – a full hour of pure gold where I solve your business issues in an instant, and provide written feedback and send you my ’shock and awe’ pack of business shizzle to really solve whatever issue you have.

http://www.therichardsmith. com/shop/borrow-my-brain/

I introduced this because I was tired of wasting my time with tyre kickers and wasters with the ‘can I just pick your brains for a minute’ – you mean take money out of my pocket.

Wakey, wakey, tick tock.


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